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Usage studies

DESMAN’s consulting and planning staff of architects, engineers, transportation and urban planners, parking specialists and management administrators has demonstrated experience and expertise in creating unique concepts and solutions for very specific programs strategic programming and master planning.

The principals of the firm have an average of over 30 years of experience and are active members of numerous parking and planning-related industry organizations that have business goals to increase the breadth of knowledge within the parking industry. These include such organizations as the Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the National Parking Association (NPA), and International Parking Institute (IPI).

DESMAN has performed various studies for university, hospital, retail, hotel, residential, tourist attractions, and mixed use developments. Each of these land use types represents distinct user characteristics and needs to be accommodated by associated parking facilities. Particularly in the case of a pay parking facility in a competitive market, stimulated patronage can provide the ultimate factor between financial success or failure.


  • Parking
  • Transportation
  • Financial Feasibility

Usage studies

Management Analysis

  • Organizational Evaluation
  • Operations
  • Revenue Control

Parking garage owners and operators face a wide range of problems requiring complex solutions. For this reason, DESMAN offers an unparalleled array of management services designed to address a client’s individual needs. DESMAN can assess, evaluate and improve upon an unbalanced municipal parking system, as well as an individual facility through our integrated program approach. An operational analysis by DESMAN can maximize efficiency and utilization of both new and exciting facilities. DESMAN’s involvement can greatly enrich revenue collection and control, staffing, signage, way finding and security issues.

Functional Design

The two most important elements considered in terms of parking structure economy are:

  1. The parking layout (floor area needed to accommodate the required capacity)
  2. Selection of the most appropriate structural frame/construction method

It is the correct identification of these elements which has made DESMAN the leading planner of economical and efficient parking facilities.

Master Planning

  • Municipal
  • Campus Expansion
  • Urban Renewal
  • New Development

DESMAN has performed numerous masterplan studies and has extensive experience in the development of both physical and operational strategies. Whether for a hospital, university, medical center, municipality, corporation or special event venue DESMAN can utilize projected growth factors in population or facility density to determine the spatial relationship and associated demands with that growth. We pride ourselves on the ability to clearly identify specific needs and develop realistic and cost effective alternatives to serve various individuals or a combination of user groups. DESMAN can help you plan for the future.

Mixed Use Development

DESMAN’s experience in private and quasi-private mixed-use development ranges from the introduction of traffic migration measures and vehicular circulation patterns to functional parking design and operational management recommendations. Whether with physical improvements or managerial guidelines, DESMAN’s contribution to the design and approval process has consistently produced successful results.

Intermodal Design

The need to provide for a centralized transit interface is and has become a key to successful regional transportation. DESMAN’s professional experience in transportation planning, traffic management, functional parking design, and structural engineering has proven to be a valuable tool to our local, regional and national client base. Whether for a metropolitan transit agency or for an international airport authority, DESMAN has a proven track record of successful parking design projects which enhance the form and function of intermodal transportation facilities.

Owner’s Agent

Acting as an Owner’s Agent, DESMAN represents the Owner in all critical phases of a project. We coordinate the efforts of other professional disciplines as necessary to ensure the owner’s goals are achieved. DESMAN also assists the Owner in preparation of presentations to governing bodies and approval agencies. During construction, site visits are conducted to assure that the work is being executed in accordance with the plans and specifications. Upon completion, DESMAN participates in the final inspection and approval process as the Owner’s agent.

Design / Build

Design/Build construction is a fast track method of delivering projects. The entire project, from feasibility studies through financing, design and construction, is handled through a single source that generally results in time and monetary savings. DESMAN has completed more than one hundred Design/Build projects, which required close coordination with Owners and Contractors, and in many instances have enabled construction to proceed on a “fast-track” schedule prior to the completion of final working drawings.

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Featured Project

Third Ave

Third Avenue Parking Garage Restoration

DESMAN provided restoration services on this 6 Level structure. The structure consists of cast-in-place conventionally reinforced concrete floor slabs supported by cast-in-place conventionally reinforced concrete beams and columns.

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