Port Columbus International Airport


Description: The Airport Authority embarked on a program to increase its number of landside, on-site parking spaces in light of enplanement growth. The planning horizon used to size the garage, based on enplanement projections, extended to the year 2015. A horizontal expansion of the existing parking garage to the west and above an existing daily surface parking lot was undertaken to expand parking within the existing garage by approximately 2000 plus spaces based on previous studies by others. The parking demand and user mix, associated with future enplanement growth needed to be reviewed and validated before the size of the garage expansion could be determined. Working as the parking consultant to the program management team, DESMAN provided assistance in that process.

  • DESMAN, together with NBBJ, Architects of Columbus, provided the necessary technical documents so that a design/build project delivery method could be utilized to facilitate the necessary expansions/additions/improvements.
  • The purpose of this phase of work was to develop essential scope documents and design standards for a detailed building program. These documents will were issued to pre-approved design/build teams.
  • DESMAN reviewed and cataloged current parking supply information for the Airport’s on- and off-site parking facilities.
  • DESMAN reviewed and commented on future enplanement growth projections and time frames as prepared by other members of the program management team.
  • Reviewed/interfaced with selected master planning consultant as related to current land use and future development of parking facilities.
  • Developed preliminary construction cost information on the garage expansion project for use by others in developing a financial pro forma model of the project. Estimated costs were presented on a unit cost basis, i.e., cost per space.
  • Provided, consulting for parking related issues that involved short- and long-term land use planning on the land site of the airport landslide.
  • In concert with the program management team, developed preliminary program and conceptual design alternatives for the existing garage and its expansion.
  • Developed preliminary conceptual layout(s) on the proposed conceptual Schemes. Layout schemes showed such items as traffic flow and parking layout, exit/entrance lanes, ramping system configuration, connections with external roadway systems, etc.
  • DESMAN addressed numerous interrelated issues, including the following; ingress to parking; ramping methods, external/internal to serve each parking (location, ramp closures, ramp geometry, etc.); location and number of ticket dispensers/entrance lanes; garage traffic flow; parking geometry; vehicle exit; auxiliary space location; and pedestrian routes/facilities.
  • DESMAN provided consultation to the traffic engineering specialist assigned to the program management team.
  • DESMAN assisted the team and the airport’s financial advisor in preparing a financial pro forma of the proposed building program.
  • DESMAN further refined the preliminary concept design of the proposal garage expansion and existing garage.
  • DESMAN provided consultation on parking related items during the development phase of the design/build contracting plan.

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