Yeager Airport Garage II

Yeager Airport Garage II

Features: Four-level, 695-car free-standing horizontal expansion of the existing parking garage system.

Description: The Yeager Airport Parking Facility located in Charleston, West Virginia is a 695-space, four-level open horizontal expansion to the existing airport garage.

While serving the owner’s agent as parking consultant and structural engineer, DESMAN’s role included three phases: criteria document preparation and bidding, design phase monitoring, construction phase monitoring. Within these phases, DESMAN first studied the existing traffic patterns and the functional design of the existing garage and used this to establish the extension’s ramping and functional design. Secondly, DESMAN developed structural durability criteria for the garage designed for the climate of Charleston. DESMAN administered the garage’s integration into the overall airport master plan and provided structural and parking criteria. DESMAN also reviewed all proposals, design, and reviewed all construction of the garage.

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