Que Place Parking Facility Expansion


Features: 225 total added parking spaces: 175 spaces added on six structurally supported levels and 50 spaces added within the existing parking structure.

Description: The Que Place Parking Facility Expansion was undertaken by the City of Lincoln to provide additional parking for a number of existing and newly created parking demand generators located both on the site and areas immediately adjacent to the site. This includes visitor and guest parking for the Embassy Suites Hotel/Conference Center to the west and the Lied Center for the Performing Arts located across Que Street to the north in addition to parking needed for employees located in the downtown business district and students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The expansion includes an eastward, 80 feet long horizontal extension of the parking floors of the original Que Place Garage. The ground level and first supported floor of the two-bay wide extension houses the new University of Nebraska Foundation’s Museum Gallery for the Center for Great Plains Studies. A one level office facility for the Museum was built to the north of the extension. A new one-story restaurant was also added to the north of the existing Que Place Garage. Both the office and restaurant structures are integrally tied to the north face of the extension and existing garage, respectively.

A total of 175 new parking spaces are provided on six structurally supported floor levels beginning on the third level of the new extension structure. An additional 50 parking spaces were added within the existing garage by means of re-striping the floors to a more efficient parking layout coupled with the elimination of crossover traffic lanes on four levels of the original double helix ramping system that features angled parking with one-way vehicular traffic. DESMAN is the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record and Parking Consultant.

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