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Catholic Medical Center (CMC) Parking Garage


Features: Five level, 750-space, open, pre-cast concrete garage

Description: This parking facility is necessitated in response to a future Medical Office Building (MOB) that is being delivered under a separate contract. CMC is anticipated to experience a parking shortage due to the reduction in current onsite surface parking, the expiration of leases for adjacent surface parking lots along with the increased number of outpatient visits and hospital staff in conjunction with the MOB. The garage will serve both the MOB and the Main Hospital Facility and will be utilized by visitors, outpatients, doctors and additional hospital staff. The facility consists of a pre-cast concrete superstructure with pile foundations due to poor soil conditions near the adjacent mill buildings. The exterior façade will be comprised of pre-cast concrete spandrels with a thin brick infill in response to the surrounding environ. The garage includes two stair towers and a pedestrian connection to an elevator tower that will be shared by both the Garage and MOB. The shared elevator tower also connects to a pedestrian bridge over McGregor Street providing access to the main hospital building. The garage is sited on an upper and lower level surface parking lot that are separated by a common retaining wall. The design of the project was slightly impacted by the $24 million Granite Street Widening Project in determining the ingress/egress points for the project while considering new traffic patterns. The topography of the site was exploited to the greatest extent possible in creating an efficient ramping system while maintaining an open structure without the requirement for ventilation and sprinklering and ventilation in helping to minimize costs. DESMAN is serving as the prime consultant providing functional design, architectural design, structural engineering and parking consulting services. As such we will also serve as the architect and engineer of record for the completed garage facility.

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