Schlitz Park Parking Structure


Features: 479-car, two-bay, three level parking structure designed for one additional future level.

Description: A pre-cast concrete parking structure was built to increase the parking capacity at the prestigious Brewery Works office park in a historic district of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This parking facility was designed for the parking needs of the current and future tenants. The grade parking in this garage, as well as its two supported levels, have a total of 115,000 square feet. Spanning two-bays wide and standing three levels tall, this structure can park 479 vehicles. The Parking structure’s façade is composed of pre-cast concrete spandrels. The exterior walls, built with precast concrete spandrels, are open to permit natural lighting and ventilation into the parking areas. The pockets in these spandrels were filled in on-site with the brick that was recovered from the now demolished buildings that were adjacent to the site. This contributed to the assimilation of the garage into this historic neighborhood. The Parking Structure was built on slender steel pile groups over considerable debris from previous work and landfill. Designed on a sloped site, the slab on grade level had to be significantly higher to allow the pre-cast levels to remain horizontal. Signage, revenue control and security features were provided as part of our scope. DESMAN is the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record in the design/build team along with Grunau Project Development.

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Schlitz Park Parking Structure


Milwaukee, WI


The Brewery Works

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