City Place


Features: 3,500 Spaces.

Description: DESMAN was the Parking Consultant for four new garages at this major retail/housing development in downtown West Palm Beach. The garages were developed to serve the patrons of the mixed use development. The “B” Black garage is a 1800+ space facility located between Hibiscus Street and Okeechobee Blvd. to the north and south, and is east of the cinema complex, the balance are in the housing and retail garages. Facilities are integrated with planned development in terms of building access, floor elevations, life safety provisions, loading docks and foundations. DESMAN consulted on construction scheduling and site logistics that are critical factors impacting delivery and cost of the structures and therefore must be controlled to minimize change orders and construction conflicts.

DESMAN established program criteria relating to the overall project, site criteria and interrelationship of functions of the components of the project. Prepared sketches illustrating functional design options, control points, pedestrian access, vertical transportation, parking and other project elements. DESMAN represented City Place Partners at out of state meetings with consultants and governmental agencies at staff and board levels, having jurisdiction on this project. DESMAN assisted in developing general criteria establishing standards and quality of design and construction of structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, graphics and other project parking components. This included reviews of development of plans and specifications. DESMAN assisted in developing an operational plan including policies, procedures, staffing, vehicle, revenue control systems and security provisions. Also the development of graphics and signage programs. It reviewed parking related shop drawings and various change orders and assisted in compiling maintenance and operating manuals.

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Featured Project

Third Ave

Third Avenue Parking Garage Restoration

DESMAN provided restoration services on this 6 Level structure. The structure consists of cast-in-place conventionally reinforced concrete floor slabs supported by cast-in-place conventionally reinforced concrete beams and columns.

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