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College of DuPage Parking Study


Features: DESMAN was retained by the College of DuPage to perform a study of existing and future parking need and to evaluate the characteristics and operation of the existing roadway system serving the campus. This effort resulted in a series of recommendations for campus parking and roadway improvements that were incorporated into the college’s Facilities Master Plan.

Description: Working in conjunction with the University’s master plan architect, DESMAN completed an assessment of existing parking and traffic conditions and determined the future needs and improvement alternatives for The College of DuPage Glen Ellyn campus. The College of DuPage is situated in a predominately residential area. The campus covers approximately 303 acres and includes 14 buildings, many athletic fields and over 7,000 parking spaces. It is divided by Lambert Rd. into east and west campuses, with the east campus being the larger of the two. The college, particularly the east campus, experiences parking utilization which exceeds practical capacity. There is also no internal traffic circulation at the campus. Vehicles intending to navigate the campus are required to exit onto main roads surrounding the campus then re-enter at another location.

To determine future parking needs associated with each of the user groups on campus, DESMAN obtained student and personnel projections from the University’s Planning Office. DESMAN's analysis showed 88% capacity during peak hours. Restriping of the parking lots was recommended to increase parking supply by 500 spaces and improve circulation. Traffic counts and field observations were undertaken in order to evaluate the existing traffic conditions. There was a strong need to improve internal circulation, due to the lack of an internal roadway system on campus. It was recommended that an internal north-south road and east-west connector to Lambert Rd. be implemented. In an effort to reduce vehicular traffic, it was recommended that the college develop bicycle and pedestrian facilities that would also connect the campus to nearby communities. Sidewalks, secure bicycle parking and bikeways were also incorporated into the Master Plan.

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