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Downtown Frederick Needs Assessment


Features: DESMAN was contacted by the City of Frederick, Maryland to perform a study of existing and future parking need, assess the operational efficiency of the public parking system, evaluate opportunities to develop additional parking facilities, and estimate the financial strengths and weaknesses of the Parking Department’s fund balance as a tool to support parking related development. This effort culminated in the development of a 20-year strategy of improvements or action plan to address parking needs using a variety of planning, management, development and joint venture approaches.

Description: The downtown area of Frederick, Maryland is the largest contiguous historic district in the State of Maryland. The downtown is served by a combination of public parking lots (noted in green), structures (noted in yellow), curbside spaces and a multitude of small private lots (noted in red). A Parking Division under the Department of Public Works manages the three existing parking structures and the aforementioned public surface and curb-side spaces. The utilization of existing public parking had reached or exceeded the system’s practical capacity during peak weekday period. Nor did the parking system have sufficient capacity to meet the needs associated with pending development and redevelopment projects, including the Francis Scott Key Hotel (conversion to apartments), the expanding County Courthouse, and continued growth of County services. Redevelopment of the Carroll Creek Corridor and the formulization of the East Street Master Plan would significantly increase the demand for parking. As such, the City needed to evaluate the efficiency of its current public parking system in meeting the needs of employee, shoppers and visitors to the historic district and evaluate the fiscal strength or weakness of that system in supporting future and additional parking infrastructure.

With the development of a parking demand factors that modeled future parking surplus and deficit conditions associated with immediate (0-2 years), mid-range (3-5 years), and long-range (>5 Years) conditions, DESMAN then reviewed the Parking Division’s current operating procedures, evaluated current parking rates and policies, and audited the parking system’s fiscal roles and responsibilities. Based upon that review, DESMAN developed a physical master plan for the construction of two additional parking structures within the next 7 years and the significant redevelopment of the existing Church Street Deck. Additional, DESMAN mapped out the basic operating parameters and costs associated with a satellite lot/employee shuttle project as the key tool to meet pending deficits and as a low cost alternative (free) to downtown permit parking. To cover the cost associated with the various physical and operational recommendations, DESMAN identified a series of parking rate/fee increases to be gradually implemented over time.

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