Washington/Franklin Self-Park

Washington/Franklin Self-Park

Features: 544-car-space, three-bay wide stand-alone parking structure on grade plus six supported levels of parking.

Description: Located in the northwest section of Chicago’s Loop at the Northeast Corner of Washington and Franklin Streets, the Washington/Franklin Self-Park was built to serve transient (hourly) and monthly parkers. The “L” shaped garage is connected to the inside “L” of an existing 18-story high-rise office building that was constructed around 1918. The office building was being converted to condominium residential units at the time when the parking structure was being built. The bottom 6 floors of the office tower were also converted to parking spaces for sale to the individual condominium owners within the building. The condominium parking floors are accessed at two locations on each floor through the parking floor/ramping system of the attached commercially owned and operated parking garage. Condominium parking space owners enter/exit through the commercial garage entrance/exit lanes at street level and into the parking floors of the condominium tower via an AVI system.

Fire rated vertical rolling lift doors separate the condominium parking floors with the attached garage. The new garage features a cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete frame, within a two-bay wide double helix configuration with angled parking and a one way traffic pattern. Traffic cross-overs are provided on every other floor level. A third parking bay with flat floors and two-way traffic is located above the northeast corner of Franklin and Washington. Approximately 4,000 square feet of street level commercial/retail space is also situated at this corner. Revenue control and collection is provided by a state-of-the-art pay-on-foot station located in the elevator lobby within the condominium building. A credit card activated gate and pay station system is utilized within the garage. There is a landscaped plaza area located above the top parking deck level of the third bay for use by the condominium unit owners. A glass-backed stair tower is located at the Northwest corner of garage. For security, there are surveillance cameras at elevator cabs and entry/exit lanes of the garage.

DESMAN is the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record for the parking structure development. DESMAN served as the parking consultant for parking functional design of the parking spaces located within the condominium tower.

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